Course Description

Divorce Shame Sucks.

We live in a culture that prizes marriage and despises divorce:

Back in the day, divorce wasn't an option.
Divorce is the easy way out.
People who get divorced don't understand commitment.
Children of divorce have all kinds of problems compared to their peers.

And therefore those who go through the process can't help but feel guilty and take on some of the shame.

You think you're a bad person.
You feel like a bad partner.
You worry that you're a bad parent.

These thoughts are undeniably confirmed by the world around you:

You lose friends.
Your children are mad at you.
Your ex hates you.

As a result, you might retreat and isolate yourself.  Perhaps you throw yourself into the role of becoming a perfect parent, despite the divorce.  Or maybe you look for distractions in the form of new friends, food, or substances that help you numb the pain and forget your transgression.

Still, you feel like you're marked in some way.  And your life will never be the same.  Because you got divorced, and divorce is bad.

...But what if you could change that?

How would you feel if you were able to shake off the shame?

How would your life be different if you could accept and embrace your past?  If you could proceed with confidence?

What if you didn't think your divorce had an impact on your worth?

The truth is that you don't have to subscribe to other people's ideas about divorce and what it means for you.

The fact is that you have the power to step off that Shame Train and step into a new way of living.

Through this mini course, I'll hold space for how you feel, while also helping you to question the prevailing "wisdom," and reclaim personal power over your story.

Do you have $19 and a couple hours to change your life?

Divorce Coach

Tara Eisenhard

Hi there, I'm Tara, and I love divorce! I'm a child of divorced parents, an ex-wife, a “next” wife and the previous partner of a divorced dad. I've learned a lot through my experiences, most of which have been positive.I work as an author, coach, and educator with a passion for healthy and respectful divorces. I'm the author of the book The D-Word: Divorce Through a Child’s Eyes and the blog, Relative Evolutions. You might have also seen my name next to some articles on,,,, The Huffington Post and Stepmom Magazine.On the personal side, I'm a lover of books, yoga, nature, animals, ice cream and naps.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

  • 2

    Step 1: Challenge The Narrative

    • The Myth of The Good Old Days

    • The Myth of Our "Throwaway Culture"

    • Why Everyone Stays Married "'Til Death Death Do They Part"

    • You're a Different Person Now

    • Marriage Is "Work"

  • 3

    Step 2. Flip The Script

    • Introduction to Step 2

    • Divorce Doesn't Define You

    • Words Matter: A New Vocabulary

    • New Ways of Thinking About Divorce

  • 4

    Step 3: Start A New Chapter

    • Welcome to Step 3

    • Set A Goal

    • Set A Boundary

    • (Re)Tell Your Story

  • 5

    Wrapping Up

    • More Resources For You

    • Before You Go...